Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1800flowers.com – The Perfect Way to Express Your Thoughts

Photo courtesy morgueFileFlowers are a special way to express every emotion you feel. They're also one of the best ways to share those emotions with others. And with 1800flowers as close as your phone or keyboard, you can share your feelings with anyone, anytime, whether next door or across the country... without ever leaving home.

Do you have an anniversary coming up? Perhaps an engagement or a "hot date"? 1800flowers offers exactly what you need to express your love and caring for your someone special. 1800flowers is the only site you'll ever need to show just how much your special person means to you.

Is someone sick or had an accident? Has someone passed away? 1800flowers has the perfect solutions for your needs. Whether it’s flowers or a gift, you will find the best choices available.

Are you grateful for your boss? Your spouse or your child? Do you let others know you appreciate them? If not, start now! 1800flowers can provide the perfect blend of flowers to help you express exactly what you feel. Thanks seems like such a small word but it really means a lot when you say it with flowers.

Whatever you're feeling today, 1800flowers is always ready to help you express those feelings in a way that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Deven Parekh, Insight Venture Partners

Deven Parekh, Insight Venture PartnersDeven Parekh, Insight Venture Partners, is a man of integrity and much more. As a managing director, Deven Parekh is involved in may nonprofit activities, one of which includes sitting on the board of Publicolor, a nonprofit organization that uses color and art to engage and motivate rebellious teenagers. Publicolor provides these disaffected students an opportunity to work together to improve the quality and appearance of their learning environments; thus re-engaging students in their education, schools and communities in an effort to transform them into productive members of society and our workforce.

Deven Parekh, Insight Venture Partners, also worked as a Principal at Berenson Minella & Company, a New York based merchant banking firm, where he served on the firm's M & A Committee. Prior to Berenson Minella, he was with The Blackstone Group, where he was involved in both M & A advisory and principal activities.

Deven Parekh, Insight Venture Partners received a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Henry Crown Fellow of The Aspen Institute, a fellowship that honors the memory of Chicago industrialist Henry Crown (1896-1990) whose legendary career was marked by a lifelong commitment to honor, integrity, industry and philanthropy. Deven Parekh is committed to continue this commitment and is someone worth knowing.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Frank J. Hanna III

Most of us can use a little help when it comes to money matters. Frank J. Hanna III is a published banker and philanthropist who comes from a family that has been dealing with financial issues for over twenty years. In addition to working to help people better understand and manage their money, Frank J. Hanna III has had a direct hand in helping the Roman Catholic church through charities and raising three Roman Catholic schools.

Frank J. Hanna III has several different blogs that reflect his thoughts on financial management, and some tidbits about pop culture, as well as about being a philanthropist and giving back.

One of the ways that Frank J. Hanna III has given back is through his book, What Your Money Means (And How to Use it Well). This book is written for those who want to use the adage of “making your money work for you” wisely.

Gina Penzarella

One of the most important aspects of a bride-to-be's wedding is what she and her wedding party will wear. And when you're talking about the latest trends in fashion, there's no better starting place than New York. This is where Gina Penzarella hails from and she has brought all of her knowledge from the streets of New York, as well as her education in business, to Easton, Pennsylvania where her high-end boutique caters to not only brides-to-be and their bridesmaids, but also to women and young ladies who need a special dress for a very special occasion, such as a prom.

Gina Penzarella has outstanding credentials and merits behind her name so that every customer can know that she is getting the very best designer. Gina's designs have been featured in local newspapers, and one high school in the area is chooses Gina Penzarella designs almost exclusively because she ensures that every girl’s prom be unique.

In addition to her boutique, she is an active member of the SPCA in North Hampton County as well as the Defenders of Wildlife. She expresses her love of animals by donating her designs and funds to both of these causes. Besides this passion, Gina Penzarella is an avid gardener and shares valuable tips and tricks so anyone can become a green thumb with the right know-how.


Remodeling your home can be a dream or a disaster. No one wants to live in a home that's constantly being worked on where they have to walk over contractor’s tools and deal with tarps hanging over areas doorways and windows. A dream home should be an actual dream home, and not just a pretty home with potential.

K-Designers knows how important an easy remodeling job is to a homeowner. That’s why they hire only the best professionals in the field, and use the best materials so that another remodeling job isn't necessary after the first one.

And if you want a career with one of the top designers in the industry, you will be pleased to know that K-Designers offers a great opportunity. you'd be working alongside other individuals who are as committed to quality design and quality work as you are. K-Designers publicly posts their job openings so you can see what they offer. This allows them to find the right people to work for them.

K-Designers has made such a good name for themselves that just about everyone is aware of the quality workmanship and craftsmanship they provide. K-Designers knows how to treat each and every customer, and how to treat each job as unique.

RENEW International

In today’s world, it’s difficult to find places where you can go to renew your faith and to learn more about it. RENEW International is one such organization that has been providing religious services to the Roman Catholic community for over thirty years.

Not only does RENEW International help the diocese build their own community, it also offers many services to help individuals who want to reaffirm their faith by learning more about it. RENEW International provides sound services to help deepen the Catholic faith for both leaders and individuals in the church.

RENEW International has information of value to both individuals and the diocese on their website. It's here that Roman Catholics can find out more about being a Roman Catholic, what is involved in the faith, and how to incorporate their faith into their daily lives. RENEW International provides not only help and support during times of need, but also when someone only needs a reminder of what is available to them.

The help for Roman Catholics comes in many different forms. Their online bookstore offers a summary of the Sunday liturgical calendar in the form of prayer books as well as many different series that can be motivational and a great help for those who need support in their faith. Because so many young people find it especially hard to live as Roman Catholics and sometimes need extra support, there's Theology on Tap, a specially designed program for young adults. This not only is an opportunity for those who need support but also a great resource for those who are trying to raise their own families in the same faith in which they grew up.

Sak Narwal

If you love throwing your line into the water to see what comes back, or you just love reading about passionate people, then you’ve got to check out Sak Narwal. Sak Narwal is as diverse in his fishing practices as he is in his business.

Sak Narwal has fished everywhere from Alaska to Louisiana and whether he’s catching them for sheer sport and then tossing them back into the water, or taking them home to enjoy a nice fish dinner, or display on his wall, Sak Narwal’s love of fishing can be seen in just about everything he does.

Sak Narwal is so dedicated to fishing that he knows just where to go in the United States for any kind of fish that might be tempting his fancy that particular day. And he’s not about to let anything stop him – not even forgetting his fishing pole... he’ll just make one if need be!

Sak doesn’t only spend his time catching fish, though. He also has a great yearning to understand fish better and get closer to them and to nature as an ichthyologist. Sak Narwal is truly a prime example of how to be successful by having passion in your heart.